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We are freemasons. Freemasons from around the world. Different cultures, different masonic ways. We are proud of this virtual, but real, fraternity.

The internet is a wonderful tool, with extraordinary resources for all masonic interests. But it's so large, so huge, so complicated, so changing...

With, we created an masonic internet departure point. From here, you can access the best of masonic websites around the world. Then, depending on your quest, you will continue your own masonic journey.

We didn't want to create an exhaustive links websites. Too much information kills the information. Here you will find only the most representative, select, hand-picked, masonic websites, yet covering all the subjects of interest to freemasons.

It's a fantastic work. And it is hard work: searching and visiting all the masonic websites and then selecting, classifying, verifying and updating every day, the best of the best. Today, we are proud of our contribution to the masonic internet community.

We are open-minded. We don't believe it is our role to promote or deny any masonic way of thinking. We only want to help our brethren to use internet masonic resources more easily. We believe you are able to make your own choices and visit or not visit the masonic websites according to your own decisions. We are your brothers, not your fathers ;-)

Sorry for our incorrect English. It is not the mother tongue of all participating brethren. We obviously cannot ask our English-speaking brethren to always revise our text. So we decided to do our best... with some error. ;-)


For any comment, problem, encouragement, proposal...




Note about our sponsor:
As you can imagine, maintening a website like signifies a lot of work for the Brethren who help but also functioning expenses.
At this time, we are lucky because of our sponsor First of all, we never forget we still exist today only thanks to our sponsor. Second, this sponsor is managed by really nice people, real fraternal Brethren. Finally, their shop is a true enjoyment for any mason interested by our Craft.
Visiting you help us... and you regale your eyes.

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